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2022 Summer Camps will be held at Newport Harbor High School Tennis courts w/ Coach Luke.

JUNE 27th - AUG 4th.

Registration is by the week.

Tennis is a fun, social, athletic, and skillful sport for life. This summer, learn to rally consistently, play cooperatively with good sportsmanship and develop key fundamentals that will take your game to the next level; all while making great summer memories and building confidence and competency. All levels welcome!

Ages 14-18

● Get competition ready

● Improve consistency, placement, spin, pace, and tactical play

● Live ball, drills, key fundamentals, conditioning, strength, movement, and flexibility training.

11 am to 1 pm, M-Th
$200 per week

Ages 8-10

● Learn to rally and play

● Have fun & make friends

● Develop athletic & tennis-specific skills.

1 pm to 2 pm, M-Th
$100 per week

Ages 11-13

● Learn to rally and play tennis for life.

● Hit at least 1000 balls per class and learn all the tennis strokes

● Practice good sportsmanship, win friends and have fun!

2 pm to 3:30 pm, M-Th
$150 per week
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