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Winter Session 1 runs from the week of January 9th through February 16. Classes are held with Coach Luke at the Park Newport Tennis Facility. Space is limited. Please REGISTER HERE.

Ages 6-9

Mondays: 4 pm-5 pm ($125 - No Class Jan.16th)
Wednesdays: 4 pm-5 pm ($150)

Students will learn to rally through fun games and drills that teach tracking, hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility skills. Players are introduced to basic techniques and simple rules that will evolve into beautiful and effective tennis strokes and a clear understanding of the game as they grow. This class uses red and orange progressive balls that are softer, slower, and more fun.

Ages 9-12

Tuesdays: 4-5 pm ($150)

Thursdays: 4-5 pm ($150)

Students will learn to rally while developing sound fundamentals on all strokes. This is a fun live ball format with cooperative and competitive games and drills.  Players hit hundreds of balls, improve their skills and practice good sportsmanship. 


Ages 12-14

Mondays: 5-6:30 pm ($190 - No Class Jan 16th)


Wednesdays: 5-6:30 pm ($225)

Students will Improve all fundamentals, develop controls (Placement, Depth, Height, Spin, and Pace), gain consistency and enjoy competitive play in a cooperative and friendly environment. This live ball format simulates singles and doubles formations, games, and drills in dynamic points to improve match-play skills.

Ages 15-18

Tuesdays: 5-6:30 pm ($225)


Thursdays: 5-6:30 pm ($225)

This fast-paced live ball format simulates singles and doubles point play, improves tactical awareness, and builds confidence for competitive match/tournament play in a fun team-like atmosphere. Games and drills are expertly designed to improve performance in key areas.

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